Promises, promises,
Diary of a bad year.
Faking it, self to self,
The seas of language,
The mysterious flame.
Walking the tightrope of reason
Climbing Mount Improbable,
I am a strange loop.


  1. Oh my God! (not you, really my God), do more like this - naughty, witty, and bourgeois.

  2. This yellow couch evokes Li Bai
    I climb up high and look on the four seas,
    Heaven and earth spreading out so far.
    Frost blankets all the stuff of autumn,
    The wind blows with the great desert's cold.
    The eastward-flowing water is immense,
    All the ten thousand things billow.
    The white sun's passing brightness fades,
    Floating clouds seem to have no end.
    Swallows and sparrows nest in the wutong tree,
    Yuan and luan birds perch among jujube thorns.
    Now it's time to head on back again,
    I flick my sword and sing Taking the Hard Road.