Cryonics and love

Imagine cryonics works. After a person "died", her blood is drained and her body frozen until there is a way of making her body function normally again (curing a disease, fixing an organ, etc.). Here is a thought-provoking situation. Suppose your loved one died young, say at the age of thirty. You decide to have her body cryopreserved. Question: Should you continue to live or have your body cryopreserved too?

If you continue to live, you may live a long life. Say you live up to eight-five and then have your body cryopreserved. One day both you and your loved one are revived, but you are already an old man and she is still a young lady. Can you still love each other?

If you choose to have your body cryopreserved immediately, you will miss a lot of things that you will be able to do only with certain people at certain times. Even if there is a guarantee that you and your loved one will live again together someday, isn't that too big a sacrifice?

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  1. The cryonics argument assumes that the trauma medicine in Future World can revive and rejuvenate you; so if your revival works out that way, that takes care of the difference in biological ages.

    However, it doesn't address the psychological issues. I turned 50 back in November, and to me 30 year old women often strike me as mentally immature even if I find them sexually attractive otherwise. How would 30 year old women seem to me if I make it to 85 but get rejuvenated?