Is God lonely and bored?

God's thoughts and feelings (if God has feelings at all) are supposed to be beyond our comprehension, so what I am going to say is probably nonsense. But I am going to say it anyway. Sometimes even nonsense can be instructive.

I always wonder whether God, if exists, is lonely and bored. Before God created anything, there's nothing but God. Just imagine what it is like to exist all alone with nothing to do (there was nothing yet to which or with which God could do something), nothing to wonder about (God knows everything), nothing to care about (again, there was nothing yet about which God could care), nothing to look forward to (God is not in time), and no one to communicate with (even if God is trinity, whatever that means, there is no need for communication because God is still one; besides, he is omniscient).

After God created something, the universe, the earth, us, etc., God certainly has things to do. But God already knows what he* is going to do before he does it and what will result from it. So, no surprises or excitement. He still does not need communication and has nothing to wonder about. How about caring about something? Does God care about, say, us? Maybe. But then God does not care about us the way we care about one another. He has no sense of uncertainty concerning us; he does not identify himself with us; he is not emotionally dependent on us in any way. Simply put, God does not need us; he needs nothing.

How can God not be lonely and bored? Certainly I am anthropomorphizing God. But who aren't when they are thinking about God?

* There is no appropriate pronoun for "God"; I could have used "she", "it", or even "they". Strictly speaking, however, there is an appropriate pronoun, namely, "you". Of course, "you" can be used only when we talk to God or God speaks to us.

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