A poem for my son

The Big Bang Theory

You have never asked me, where the universe came from
Nor have you asked, the stars in the sky
Whether they are more numerous than people down here
That evening, when we went to see Mars
The huge telescope
Was like a robotic arm reaching for the stars
Mine was warm
When you were holding it
When we were leaving it was pitch-dark
You said, you were not afraid even a bit

That evening, even if there were neither moon nor stars
I would still go with you, just to see Mars
And you knew that, my arm would be warm as always
And I knew that, you would still need me to lead the way

I have heard about, one Big Bang Theory
In your life there is a singularity
When people around you
Are not ready
It explodes
Into your own universe

In your universe, there is always
A big, bright, and warm
Bigger, brighter, and warmer
Than all the others

* This is a loose translation of a Chinese poem I wrote a few weeks ago.

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